London in September


“Pumpkin spice & everything nice”

September. Definition: Basically autumn, therefore sweaters, coffee (no more frappuccinos), candles, and multiple different scarfs are now acceptable until told otherwise.

I don’t know about anywhere else but, in England I think September is when the UK is at it’s finest; the sunsets are still glitteringly gorgeous but the air is now lukewarm with a slight & comfortable chill. You may not need thick layers on just yet – but you might want to bring a scarf, coat, and/or umbrella as it’s also the rainy season.

Although, let’s be real, England is always rainy.

Luckily, me and my best friend, Molly had a very beautiful, warm day out in London *phew* – tbh we were just glad we didn’t get rained on. And as usual, I was (trying desperatly 😉 ) to be indie and made a very cute vlog of it which I will attach at the end of my blog post 🙂

*** London ***

Of course, before we departed on our journey, we both applied a good fall-appropriate dark lipstick :p I used a Sleek matte lipstick called, Vamp, with the Sleek Lingerie lip liner whilst Molly went with her Kylie lip kit in Kourt K.

Purchase the lip liner & the lipstick. (Lol not sponsored – I just generally enjoy Sleek).

We got the overground train into Kings cross and whilst we wandered around, we decided to slip into Starbucks for a quick n cheeky drink. Since it was September first, pumpkin spice lattes had just come back (again – thank gosh) and I enjoyed a PSL frappuccino with a vegetarian toasted baguette – perfect start to fall let me just say.


Once our meal had been fully digested and appreciated – we headed off to no where special, y’know just Buckingham palace. I mean, we go there all the time…

:O … It actually shocked me that I’ve lived in England for 17 years and neither Molly nor me had visited Buckingham Palace! We didn’t plan to go there either that day, it just kind of came up and we rolled with it. And contrary to a lot of people’s beliefs, the royal palace was actually a lot smaller in person, which took me by surprise since I imagined this gigantic castle. It’s very elegant though: gold was the colour you mainly saw, along with marble-white and glossy black. The gates surrounding the palace were the fanciest gates I’ve ever seen and not to mention Green Park which was heavenly to walk through.

Saying goodbye to the queen was most painful however, it had to be done as our journey swiftly moved to Oxford street. Bustling, jolting, elegant, musical, Oxford street. And shops, of course 😉 Not really having any specific plan or direction, we fell into many different fashion retails and window shopped to our hearts content ❤

The best shop for me was Urban Outfitters, which Molly wanted to visit the most, and I see why. I think the whole vibe of the shop is so chill and happy. The way the products and fashion are displayed makes the shopper want to buy everything! And rearrange it all out in their home – I came away from that shop feeling seriously inspired! Honestly, if you haven’t visited an Urban Outfitters shop, you need to goooo!

(Again, lol, not sponsored).

And if you think this day couldn’t get any better….. We finished it up in no other place but, Pizza Hut (Molly’s decision) tbh we’re children at heart and this restaurant is my childhood:) Although they have changed a lot of it around since I went there in like, 2005 but you bet they still have their buff buffet;)

His face is my life^

*** Vlog ***

I know, I know, the part that you’ve been waiting for 😉

WARNING**Totally indie – possibly too much hipster for one video

Subscribe for more cute n indie vlogs: EllaLauren (YT)

Before I cringe myself out too much with a cheesy outro, I’m just gonna say congrats for making it to the end of my post and I greatly appreciate you reading my rambling thoughts. Now, I shall go enjoy some earl grey, a bowl of raspberries, and of course, Miranda 🙂 I do hope your evening/night/morning is amazing ❤




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