Going Blonde!

As you’ll come to know, I am the sort of person that doesn’t usually do anything crazy, like, I won’t really dye my hair or wear extensive amounts of makeup or randomly talk to someone I don’t know (the last one I wouldn’t mind doing more.) So it’s pretty crazy that I decided to change my hair colour and length.

Now, I have previously gone short before: mid July 2015 I decided to cut my hair about shoulder length but I had this sort of side fringe so it made me look kinda young and I thought since then, that short hair isn’t really for me. However, since comparing me now to me then, I have changed a lot facially and through my personality therefore, I’ve come to a crazy conclusion (😂😉) to cut it again but not as short as before, probably just above the breast.😉👙 But then I remember this time it’ll be different! Why, you may ask? Because I am going to colour my hair😱

Ok, ngl I’m kinda scared but I know that this could be good for me, and it’s just hair after all – if I hate it, it’ll grow out. It won’t last forever (although I’m hoping I’ll love it.)

As I mentioned, doing crazy things isn’t my specialty, and not normally “me.” I decided to do this for myself after me and my last boyfriend split up. I just felt like doing something different, maybe try a new thing. I got really really down after the split (I may go into further detail on that in another post) and I needed to be lifted up – taking care of myself & others helping me seemed to be the thing that gave me back my smile😊 which I’m very happy to have back😛 and then I needed something more perminent so what better way to change yourself (for yourself) than to improve your luxurious locks💁🏼

I didn’t want anything too dramatic like bleaching the whole thing too bright or having just a little bit of highlight, so this was a good hybrid of both ideas😊

And tomorrow’s the big day!

Feeling: excited, nervous/scared, and curious!

***balayageing it! ***

So I got my hair balayaged blonde😊 and I really love it. I think because it’s not so bright, it matches my skin tone nicely and it’s more golden rather than more of a whiter blonde which wouldn’t of looked v good😂

So I went to my hairdressers and showed her a photo of a couple of cute hair colours and I originally thought it would be dip-dying or highlights, but she informed me that what I wanted was in fact a balayage. This, I am no expert btw, is a more softer kind of hair ombré that involves sectioning the hair out and back combing the sections just enough so that you have an even amount back combed and the rest still straight. My hairdresser then painted my hair in a lightening (bleaching) paste making sure to fade it into my roots at the top, and then covered it in foil and folded – attaching it to my head. She continued this all around my head, leaving some sections unpainted to give my overall outcome a more natural effect. (which it totally did😊) In the end I looked a bit like the tin man – with tea💁🏼

About 45 minutes to an hour later, she unfoiled my hair and rinsed it out – that was the best part😅 After that, she gave my hair a good ole shampoo and condition session whilst giving me a toner to .. I guess, tone my hair (no idea tbh what that means😂) which smelt gross😩 The final thing to do was to dry my hair by a hairdryer and one of those 360 degree spiky brushes which gave me an elegant windswept look.

Overall I think I look a lot older with it – it’s honestly such a nice complimenting colour that isn’t too light or dark! I’ve also got second day hair and it’s still beautiful with volume and elegance👍🏼

Previous colour (Natural) ↑

First day ↑                               Second day↓


*Ignore the selfie face thx*

For any of you with light olive skin (or a yellow undertone) if you’re worried about going blonde, that it might wash you out – I would suggest perhaps lightening your hair and keeping it golden. The yellow in the hair completely suits my complexion and my light olive skin tone without overdoing it.

Makeup-wise, I’ve been going with neutrals. Ranges of Browns on my eyes (to go with my brown eyes), lighter eyebrows, and brown lips (Candy K lip kit by Kylie Jenner and/or Exposed lip kit.) Although red lips would be a great colour to wear to stand out completely! If you prefer more colours on your eyes, I would go with safe options of greens or oranges. I’ve stayed away from pinks and purples because of the conflict of my yellow undertone. Of course however, if pinks and purples are your colours – you go girl, wear that shiz proud🙏🏼

Would I recommend bleaching your hair if your olive skinned? Yes, if you want to do it but are worried – just go for it! I didn’t actually think I’d like it this much but it’s just lovely, and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments from people and some haven’t even recognised me😂 that’s jokes.

Leave any questions below if you have one … Or two😉 and I will get back to you.



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