Autumnal Spotify Playlist 2016

As it being the beginning of Autumn (thank goodness) 🍁🍂 I, like I have done for previous years, created an autumnal Spotify playlist 🎼

Whilst figuring out what I should call it, I was sitting in my bed late at night with a mug of hot coffee☕️ and suddenly the name came to me, ‘Warm Coffee and Cozy Sweaters.’ Cause who doesn’t love a good ole cozy sweater😍

For me, Autumn (or Fall) has a certain mood and nothing is better than creating a playlist that captures that mood. The direction I wanted my music to go in is a soft, easy-listening, indie genre because autumn is such a relaxing season that need chill music to go with it!

For this playlist this year, I added a lot of indie bands that I have recently come to know due to concerts I’ve been to and going onto Apple Music and listening to the indie radio, that’s one of the best ways to discover new music of a certain genre (Spotify also has genre searching too.) By using these apps, I found some great bands like, ‘Beach Youth,’ an indie French band, ‘Glass Animals,’ Freedom Fry,’ ‘Clones of Clones,’ ‘Native People,’ and ‘Secret Nation • Pt.2.’ I would 100% recommend these bands to anybody this season! If you’re wondering which songs to listen to, check out my playlist for some great ones!

Recently, Molly and I went to the Sundara Karma concert in Heaven nightclub (London) where they were absolutely amazing! And had some great support acts! I loved the music so much that pretty much as soon as I got home I searched them up and downloaded tonnes of their music😂

The first support act is ‘The Night Café,’ a 4 piece band, who have a sort of beach-indie vibe about them. They have some great songs like, ‘Addicted’ and ‘Time,’ which are just so chill but so catchy too!

The second support act are quite different as they’re much more rock and during the concert a sort of moshpit was created🙏🏼😅 They’re called, ‘InHeaven’ and are a bit more known than ‘The Night Café’ which was why more people, including me, knew some of their songs. Due to the more stronger vibes there music creates, I haven’t added any to my playlist, however I have yet to explore the band’s music fully and may find some softer songs to put into my playlist, but they are a great band and very catchy!

Other songs I have added came from pop indie groups like ‘The 1975,’ ‘Sundara Karma,’ ‘Fickle Friends,’ and also a number from ‘Florence and the Machine.’

If you’d like to follow me and/or my playlist on Spotify, my name on there is Ella Lauren:

I will be updating my playlist as autumn goes on, so please feel free to give me band or song suggestions😊



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