Totally ‘Bean’ Here

As a coffee fanatic, I do enjoy mooching around finding cute cafés and coffee houses that aren’t as mainstream as Starbucks or Costa.

My recent mooching has taken me to a cute cafe in Hempstead Road called, “Bean Here,” – love the name👌🏼

This Café is actually Molly’s work as she is a Saturday waitress here😊 I absolutely love her work environment as it is just so friendly and happy; The chillness from the 70s radio station playing in the background; and the warm wooden tones of the place, mixed with the rich smell of coffee beans and croissants. ☕️

This Café became very special to me when the owner let me paint onto his wooden panel board which is one of the greatest things I’ve done so far😍 I chose to paint a gigantic red coffee cup ☕️ on to the paneling which I think ended up looking quite good!

I think one of my favourite things is when I’m sitting across from the painting and I hear other customers discussing my work and complimenting it and I’m sitting in the same Café as them😂 They always get so surprised when I tell them I’m the artist and tbh it’s a lovely feeling. (I painted the red cup in the featured photo).

Definitely one for the CV and personal statement😉 even though it’s not fashion related (which I was I eventually want to get into) I think the uni will still be impressed with it.

Just a small post today😉 thought I’d tell people about this cute Café!



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