Starting off Small

Hello everyone, I do hope you’re doing well😊 this is just a little life update that I’m super excited to share with you! My biggest (and ultimate) dream is to work within fashion, more specifically to be an illustrator for either my own company (fingers crossed 🤞🏼) or for another brand I love.

I have already begun to explore a bit of fashion illustration by copying real designs in my drawing style. I am quite a perfectionist and also quite a realist therefore my illustrations are leaning towards the hyper realism area rather than abstract, which is not a bad thing! However as much as I love drawing like this, I have been inspired by my A Level art teachers to sort of break out of this? Well not ‘break out’ exactly .. more like moving it forward in a way that keeps my style (cause girl, I can’t change that!) but adding in more techniques and different mediums.

These are my present type of designs:

As you can see, I love Gucci 😉

As much as I love my standard right now, I very much want to further my knowledge and techniques, therefore, I have signed myself up for a fashion illustraion course! I’m soooooo excited to start it! The first class is tomorrow (Monday the 16th) after school and I am feeling slightly anxious, but then again, I usually do. However I am beyond excited and I hope I’ll adjust quickly! 

Gonna try to get the most out of it & pick up a lot of different materials and mediums I wouldn’t normally, like paint 🎨 (basics, me and paint don’t seem to get on😂 so I’m gonna have to find a way to make this relationship work.) 

I’ll keep you updated with photos of the type of work I’m creating and stuff, oh my gosh I’m so exciteddddd🎉 

Anyway, I hope you all have a splendid day/night/whenever & thank you for reading my little ramble😉 


P.S. I recently bought a few clothing items from Depop & another vintage clothing shop & I was wondering if I should do a little clothing haul? Let me know✌🏼✨


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